Tomato Cultivation in Polyhouse

Tomato Farming

Tomato is one of the most important vegetable for a common man. Not only in our country but also in other countries tomatoes are used in many special recipes. Tomato possesses its own importance and it also provides many nutrition and vitamins to our body. There are many people who does not like the flavor or taste of it but they need to understand tomato is very good for their health. Tomato is one of the vegetable which is used in both recipes as well as salad. Proper knowledge of tomato cultivation is very important in order to get good result.

It was also found in a research that eating tomatoes in the meal on a regular basis will keep you away from various health diseases. All of us eating tomatoes but have anyone ever thought that how healthy are tomatoes? Whether they are properly grown or not? We are getting proper nutrition or not? Like this there are many queries which come in mind. Thus there is need to have proper knowledge about tomato cultivation from experts.

Steps for tomato cultivation are:
1) Prepare a good soil mixture- Soil is the basic part of tomato cultivation thus it need to good.
2) Start your seed
3) Keep tomatoes under fluorescent lights for 18-24 hours daily
4) Learn how to force flowering in plants
5) Pollinate the flowers everyday while it is warm or humid

Flowering plants need stronger light to grow properly and developed in fruit. Use a little lime in the transplant soil to prevent blossom end rot. It is a good idea to add Cal-Mag once tomatoes have fruit. There is a need to learn how to manipulate light and dark period for your crops in 60 to 80 days. One should keep an eye on unwanted pests. Pest can get out of control if not check in proper time.

Proper care of plant is required otherwise it will die. Time to time adding right amount of water, checking the amount of light for plant and adding fertilizer for giving the extra boost of nutrition is a good sign of tomato plant cultivation. In order to earn extra income with tomato farming you need to follow instructions given by the Polyhouse expert.

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