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Shadenet is very useful when it come to Smart Farming.


Get best Greenhouse Farming Strategy with us. Greenhouse Farming is very useful.

Climate Control Polyhouse

Climate Control Polyhouse is very useful for farming.

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Naturally Vantilated Polyhouse

It is one of the most popular polyhouse.

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Polyhouse farming is the same as greenhouse farming. The “poly” part of the name refers to polyethylene plastic, which is the material used to cover the house, and being transparent to translucent, it lets sunlight in for photosynthesis and plant growth, while reducing detrimental organisms from affecting the crop.

Innovative Farming ideas

Farming Techniques has been change in the past few years. When it comes to there are several things which needed to be consider. 

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  • Monsoon is having a great impact on farming. In this season farmer has to carefully decide whether to pore seed or not depending upon the conditions. In rainy season farmers are facing most problems, they have to deal with many things like excessive wind, flood, storm, etc. Many times because of rainy season farmers have face losses and they cannot get enough money which they deserve. In this season poly house can play a major
  • Poly house are very useful for farmers as because it not only protects crops from different climatic condition but also assist in good farming. It is simply nothing but cultivation of crops under good conditions. Poly house allow crops to grow in any season. Several farmers in the state who invested heavily in Poly house farming are gaining much profit as compare to other. However it is also a great return on investment and farmers
  • Tomato Farming
    Tomato is one of the most important vegetable for a common man. Not only in our country but also in other countries tomatoes are used in many special recipes. Tomato possesses its own importance and it also provides many nutrition and vitamins to our body. There are many people who does not like the flavor or taste of it but they need to understand tomato is very good for their health. Tomato is one of